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Family Dogs from Working Dog Lines

We breed our animals for these principle traits


The key to having a consistently active, friendly, and confident dog.


Dogs should learn and adapt properly to different people and environments.


Dogs need the strength, agility, and fitness to protect your loved ones.

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Beautiful mastiff puppies

Rainbow and Bronn created 10 beautiful pups that we are very proud of. The were born on September 8, 2018. They are growing so fast. Take a look!

Puppy One - Female
Puppy Two - Female
Puppy Three - Male
Puppy Four - Female
Puppy Five - Male
Puppy Six - Male
Puppy Seven - Male
Puppy Eight - Male
Puppy Nine - Male
Puppy Nine$750.00
Puppy Nine$750.00
Puppy Ten - Male
Puppy Ten$750.00
Puppy Ten$750.00

Meet the Parents

Rainbow & Ser Bronn

Our dogs were bred at Blasco Family Bulldogs in Colorado, one of the premier Bandogge breeders in the country. They came from separate Mastiff and/or Bulldog lineages. In both cases, sire and dame were carefully selected for their family-friendly temperaments with the goal of creating a line of Family Guardians. At birth, they were registered with the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

Ser Bronn

Age: 1.5 yrs
Weight: 100

Bronn is a half Cane Corso, 1/6 Bull Mastiff, 1/6 English Mastiff, and 1/6 American Bulldog. He is a very athletic dog with a sweet disposition.

Unfortunately, he has allergies. That is why this litter is priced so low. Rainbow came into season before we could get him neutered. This is his first & last litter.


Age: 2 yrs
Weight: 135
IDCR#: IDCF1-3343F

Rainbow is an F1. She is half English Mastiff and half South African Mastiff or Boerbel. The Boerbel is, by far, the healthiest for the Mastiff breeds.

Bow is quite the physical specimen. She is powerful and much faster than she appears. She also deceptively agile and quick. Very smart, sweet, and intuitive.

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